Let's talk details 

The dates for the trip this year are September 3rd - 11th. 


  • Day 1, Sept 3 - The group will meetup at the Bucee's Gas Station on I-75 in Adairsville (Exit 310). Meeting at 5:30am
    • The day one ride will be 679 miles (5 Larry's) ending at Encounter Church in Sedalia, MO. 
  • ​Day 2, Sept 4 - Kickstands up from Encounter Church at 6am. Grabbing breakfast on the road. 
    • ​Day 2 ride will be 674 miles (5 Larry's) arriving at Pass Creek Christian in Allen, SD.
  • ​Day 3 (Sunday) - We will attend the church service at Pass Creek then lunch. The rest of the day will probably be learning and planning for the activities of the week. 
  • Days 4 - 7 - These are our work days!!! See potential projects list below.
  • Day 8, Friday Sept 10 - Time to head home. Kickstands up at 6am heading back to Encounter Church in Sedalia, MO.
  • Day 9, Sept 11 - Kickstands up at 6am, final ride of Headwaters 2021.


     As with any NazMoto trip, what we actually end-up doing may not be what we originally planned. Currently the plan is to build a 2 car garage at Tim and Kim's farm. So, building walls, setting trusses, wrapping, installing doors, windows, electrical, etc. depending on the weather this may change. Also we will also be transporting a military surplus truck to Tim that has been donated. 

What to bring:

     In the past we have encountered all kinds of weather (104 deg, Snow, Rain, etc) please pack accordingly. Bring work clothes and any tools you want to bring. There will be a chase vehicle so there is additional room for tools if needed. Please coordinate additional tools with Brady. While we are in Allen we will be staying in a bunk house that has twin size bunk beds. I typically bring a twin fitted sheet, my sleeping bag and a pillow. For the nights on the road at Encounter Church be prepared to possibly sleep on the floor in the church. Details on those accommodations will be posted as we learn more. 

Money stuff:

     We are asking for everyone to contribute $350 to the trip this year. These funds cover gas for support vehicles, tools/supplies for projects, food for the group while in Allen, money for Tim and Kim and for Encounter Church for hosting us. Also, your NazMoto tshirt. (please let us know your tshirt size).

     Food during the week is covered by NazMoto. You are responsible for your gas and food on travel days to and from Allen, SD

     Please share about this trip with friends and family to see if they would like to support you on this trip and/or if they would like to donate to help support Tim and Kim in their work. 

     Contact contact info is posted below for questions or making payment via Venmo.

Now the fun Stuff:

     There are a lot of cool places to go on our bikes. We are near the Badlands, Custer, Mt Rushmore, Needles Hwy (Iron Mountain Rd), Sturgis, Deadwood, Wall Drugs, Devils Tower (This is a longer ride). We will take a day during the week to travel to some of these locations as a group but, you are welcome to head-out at any time to explore.

Contact Info:

Brady Smith

[email protected]


Venmo - @Brady-Smith-125

Jerry Jones

[email protected]


Venmo - @Jerry-Jones-160

"Can any good come out of Nazareth" John 1:46

It's time for the 4th annual Headwaters ride.


Allen, SD